Before/After School Care

All through our programs at Cornerstone Academy, we have given careful thought and consideration to every detail of locally identified needs of the childcare sector within each individual community that we serve.
We enhance our nurturing and learning environment constantly by providing Adult to Child ratio above standards and ensuring that we use highly trained, qualified professional staff.
We maximize each child’s potential by utilizing the most progressive equipment and supplies available.
We are dedicated to the care and development of our children within these communities hence provide the following care programs: This program is tailored to care for school-aged children between 4+ years and 12 years. The service is split into two sessions (Breakfast Club and After School Club). We cater for children by nurturing their development through play within these sessions.
At the Breakfast Club the children are given a choice of breakfast at the beginning of the session whilst at the After school Club they are served a light snack at the beginning of the session and tea in the middle of the session. We adhere strictly to the national adult to child ratio of 1:8 at all times.