Our Centre Layout

At every one of our ever evolving fully registered centres our facility comprises of:

  • 4 Main play rooms, which incorporates activity, sleep and sensory zones to cater for our various age range of children
    Outdoor play area designed to stimulate and accommodate children across the age range of 3 months – 12 years, which we cater for.
  • Excellent range of resources and equipments suitable for the different age groups and programs that we deliver and the children’s abilities.
  • Excellent top security system, comprising of:
    I. 24 Hours monitoring CCTV within and surrounding the building
    II. Security Lighting
    III. 6ft fencing around the site
    IV. 24 Hours monitoring and controlled building entrance and exit
    V. Access
    VI. Password system for child collection/pickup
  • Excellent health and safety facilities which includes:
    I. Finger-guards on hinge side of doors
    II. Fire doors
    III. Well laid out fire exit routes and routine
    IV. Regulated temperature for water and radiators
    V. High-level electric sockets
    VI. Safety glass on windows and doors
    VII. Adequate toileting facility
    VIII. High technology smoke/fire alarm system
    IX. Indoor and outdoor safety flooring