Our Promise to You

At Cornerstone Academy because we know that caring your child means a lot to you as being responsive to your needs, that makes you as important as your child to us.
We promise to listen and work with you by continually researching into your needs and that of your child to ensure that you both get the best care and support in life outside of the immediate family/home.

We will ensure that:

  • Your child has good nutrition for healthy life
  • Your child has fun
  • Your child is loved and cared for
  • Your child learns and grows physically, Academically and spiritually
  • Your child is safe and bold And you are:
    i.  Happy
    ii. At peace
    iii. Secure
    iv. Heard
    v. Informed
    In order to keep our promise to you we use over 20 well-developed policies and procedures in delivering the one of the best child care program across the country.